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A business blog can help you build brand recognition, establish credibility and develop a rapport with potentially thousands of people who may not otherwise know about you.

You can blog about anything and the options for business blogging are fairly unlimited.

But having interesting, well-written content is always critical.

To create a buzz around your product or service, you need to publish engaging and/or useful information which is not overtly salesy.

This requires careful balance.


Four reasons why your business needs a blog


1. Show your expertise

Showing you’re an expert in your industry is one of the best ways you can market your business.

Never underestimate what you know about your field, or be afraid to offer opinions. If you operate in a specialist area, visitors to your blog will probably be looking to learn from someone in the know.

Readers seek knowledge and facts, ideally with a professional’s interpretation. Blogging enables you to share your information in a friendly and personal way.

2. Build your reputation

By freely providing useful information without obligation, you can establish your credentials and gain the trust of visitors. A regularly updated and interesting blog will encourage repeat visits and subscriptions.

And while you share your knowledge, you can show people what separates your business from the competition. This will assist readers with their buying decision and help them feel more confident about dealing with you.

3. Develop relationships

Potential customers may be looking to solve a problem your blog can provide a solution to.

Couple this with an option to leave comments or feedback, and this is a big plus.

By allowing two-way communication, you can get more people involved with your blog, respond to individual queries and requests, and gain the respect of your readers.

4. Improve search engine rankings

Search engine robots love frequently updated websites. Having a blog will increase your search engine visibility (more pages will be listed) and improve your search engine rankings.

Applying known search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and continually updating your blog with keyword-focused content will help you keep ahead in the SEO race.


What should your business blog be about?


If you’re at a loss for ideas, there are many things you can blog about:

– News about new products or services.

– Business-related events.

– References to online resources.

– ‘How to’ information.

– The current climate in your industry.

– Review of trade publications.

– New and old ways of doing your business.

– Interviews with fellow professionals or customers.

– Offer open-ended questions to customers on how you can assist them, responding to any feedback.

– Invite posts from readers.

You can also get blogging ideas from discussions with colleagues, customers and information you’ve seen or read elsewhere.


Need business blog writing that can build your reputation?


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