Content writing services


No doubt you’ve read that ‘content is king’ and without ‘quality’ content, your website won’t rank well on Google. Google’s webmaster quality guidelines state that “Publishers must provide unique and relevant content.”

So you need such content for your website, and quick.

But what defines ‘quality’ content writing?

Of course your business writing should be grammatically correct and free from typographical errors.

And we know that Google penalises plagiarism, duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

We also know that keywords must be correctly placed to demonstrate the said relevance of the content to search engine robots.

But, other than that, can Google actually identify what good quality writing is?

That is debatable, but we do know that your human readers can.

They know the difference between fluff and interesting stuff.

Whether you need words to persuade, or to inform, you need a writer who knows more than the basics, someone who will understand your needs and craft a message that will resonate with your specific audience.

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