Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘copy’, exactly?

Copy is any text that is used (copied) to sell or promote a product or idea.

Can we write our own copy?

Of course. Can you write it well? If you’ve ended up here, we guess you may need some assistance. In addition to copywriting, we also provide proofreading and editing services. Whatever your needs, our advice is honest and impartial and we’re always here to help.

We don’t like writing, but have a lot of our own ideas. Can you implement them?

Certainly. Before starting a project, we will confirm exactly what you’re after and if at first you’re not too sure, we can help you work that out. Obviously the more source information and/or inspiration you can provide from the start, the better, but at the same time, we are approachable and will happily guide you through the process of working out your needs. At the end of the day, we know good ideas when we see them and enjoy receiving input and feedback from all of our clients. We won’t try and reinvent the wheel (unless you really ask us to).

How is your service unique?

We are open and friendly and take a natural, unformulated approach to working on each assignment. We always take on board any suggestions or specific requests you may have and competitively price our service to match your needs.

What are your rates?

Each job is different. Price is based on the depth and the complexity of the project. We prefer to quote a fixed fee based on an estimate of the total time required, rather than charge by the hour. This way our customers have a clear view of the entire cost at the outset.

What does your fixed fee include?

Everything that is required to complete the job, including copywriting, research and consultations over email and telephone.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

Depending on the size of the project, we may ask for a deposit prior to commencing work. This is solely so we can cover our own costs whilst working on your project.

We have an urgent job, can you assist us?

With any creative work, forward planning always helps. However, urgent jobs do come up and we’ll always do whatever we can to assist you. We will meet any agreed deadline. Please contact us if you require something urgently.

We work in a specialist industry, can you write for us?

Every job we undertake involves research and we are very comfortable about translating and clarifying technical concepts to other businesses and the general public. We will comprehensively consult with clients before agreeing to embark on a project.

Can we make changes after you have written something?

After submission of the first draft, if necessary, we are happy write up to two revisions for no extra charge. These revisions must be based on the original brief; if any major additions or changes are made to this brief, we may ask for an additional fee.

How long will it take?

This really depends on the individual project and the amount of source information provided by the client. A simple edit and rewrite will be a lot quicker than a project that involves extensive research. We will specify a lead time in the quotation process.

Where are you based?

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We communicate with the majority of our clients over email and telephone, but can also visit customers within a reasonable distance, if requested.