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Copywriting – A product and service

Google ‘copywriter Melbourne’ and you’ll be confronted with what appears to be a buyers’ market.

With so many copywriters in Melbourne, at first glance, the process of finding a good copywriter might seem easy.

But identifying the right copywriter for you may not be that straightforward.

When it comes to the crunch, writing is one thing, but understanding clients is another.

Just being able to write, without properly knowing the client’s needs, is not enough.

Firstly, a good copywriter must figure out exactly what an organisation wants to achieve with their business writing. To do this requires awareness of the client’s vision and the context in which the business is done.

Unfortunately, time and again, writers will misunderstand how forms of expression, idioms and cultural assumptions affect the message they wish to put out.

Some may be so wrapped up in trying to sound clever or authoritative by following the latest trends, that they actually lose focus of the customer’s real needs. You may have seen writers using buzz phrases like ‘brand storytelling’ to promote B2B, B2C, CX, DM, EDM and UX writing services that will highlight a business’s SCA. You’ll hardly ever see ‘brand storytelling’ shortened into an acronym though.

Sadly, there are also freelance copywriters and copywriting companies who simply don’t care about what they write and see aspects such as correct tonality as apparently trivial matters.

Professional business writing is never trivial. Every word counts.

Inattentive written communications can actually do more harm than good.

At Clear Copywriting we will never take on an assignment until we have full knowledge of your needs and your organisation’s culture.

We aim our copy at your business and your customers, not ourselves.

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