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Whether you need writing for advertising, marketing or a website, you only have seconds to make a first impression. A first impression that lasts.

From punchy one-liners to in-depth information, Clear Copywriting can express exactly what you want to say and provide instant gratification to your readers, balancing their interests with those of your business.

Using words that will promote your product or service effectively and engage with any potential customer while you’re not there.

Latest blog posts:

Is advertising evil?

Let’s face it, advertisers aren’t seen as the most honest people around. As practitioners of the dark arts, they trick and fool people into parting with their money for things they don’t need. But on the inside, things are a little different. Or at least that’s what...

Who are the ’mass market’? Upset them and you’ll find out

Mass appeal. Can there really be such a thing? It looks like the old-school mass marketing techniques of previous years are all but out of fashion. Like a quaint relic of a time when people questioned things less and expected less, simply because they had fewer...

Advertising: Good art or bad science?

How do we know what constitutes a good advertisement? And who can make such a decision and how? Advertising is usually set among the creative industries and as such it is situated among the arts.  University courses in advertising are arts rather than science courses....