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Website copywriting

For a website to perform well, having the right content is critical.

There are many great-looking websites that fall short with poorly worded copy. Most web users will be seeking information that is instant and upfront. If your website copy is hard to understand or poorly structured, this is likely to turn off most visitors and encourage them to click that fatal back button and possibly never return.


Your important information should be easily read first.

With dozens of competitor websites just two clicks away, most readers won’t take the time to trawl through apparently irrelevant information to get to what they’re after.


SEO web copy – Man vs. the Googlebot

When writing SEO (search engine optimised) copy, we implement your chosen key words and key phrases into the text. This is done in an optimum way that sounds natural and readable whilst helping to attract search engine robots to index and rank your website. When aiming for a high search engine ranking, having these words placed correctly throughout your site is essential, especially if you are competing with a large number of other websites offering similar goods or services.

If you have a unique or specialised product, or operate in a specific geographical area, specially geared keywords and keyphrases may help you stand out. In any situation, you will need to consider what words and phrases potential customers may use when searching for your product.


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