How much do copywriters charge?

This is a question many first-time clients ask. As with any product or service, most people like to know a price upfront. Shouldn’t there be a general market price for website, brochure, blog, or email content? Any astute business that properly manages its overheads will want to know what costs they’re looking at.

So how much does a copywriter cost?


The numbers?

Hourly rate: anything from peanuts to $250+ per hour.

Per word rate: anything from peanuts to nearly any price per word.

If your question now is ‘Why shouldn’t I pay someone peanuts?’, you’re probably on the wrong website.

Ok, so you don’t want cheap cheap. Imaginably you are looking for someone who is local, who you can meet in person. Someone who isn’t going to rip you off on price, or let you down with substandard work. Completely understandable.

Going back to those original rates, you may wonder why the difference in price between copywriters is so massive, or exactly what you will get for an hour’s work, or what sort of words you get when you pay per word.

Or you may want to know why many copywriters in the Melbourne area don’t publish their rates, or state set pricing for general types of projects.

Why don’t most copywriters advertise their rates?


Copywriting is not just a product, but a product and service. With new enquiries, particularly those from clients who aren’t completely sure about what they want, pricing can vary. A few copywriters may show fixed prices on their website, but to cover costs, these prices are often overquoted and / or may only offer an inflexible, one-size-fits-all type of service.

A client-focused writer however will first want to establish the customer’s needs before they commit to quoting a total fee, so they can be sure that they have enough time, and information, to produce exactly the right content.

Some may provide a fixed fee based on an estimate of the total time required, so that the customer receives no surprise costs.  Others may prefer to work on an ad hoc basis and charge by the hour instead.

How much will copywriting cost me?


Experienced copywriters will know that any two projects, or clients, are never exactly the same and each job must be quoted individually. As with any service, like a plumber or mechanic, it pays to get three quotes or estimates to give you an idea of the initial cost beforehand and work out who you would prefer to deal with.

At Clear Copywriting, we welcome any enquiry. If you would like an obligation-free consultation, or even just a general ballpark estimate for your next writing project, all you have to do is ask.

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